Weaving Classes

Our beginning curriculum content includes lectures, discussions, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples, drafting practice on paper, and (of course) lots of weaving. Students receive hands-on, step by step instruction on a four harness, jack-type table loom. You will learn equipment options, how to warp the loom, weaving calculations, drafting and different weave structures and color affects. Students are taught how to select the proper yarns and fabric types for their projects, and how to calculate and measure the amount of yarn needed. Each student will complete a sampler, utilizing various fibers and basic weaving techniques, with emphasis on understanding basic weaving and finishing techniques. Because everyone learns at a different pace & to accommodate the issue of missed classes, private one-on-one classes are only offered. This allows more efficient use of your time and provides a more comprehensive learning environment.

Follow up classes, such as Intermediate levels as well as advanced classes of more than 4 are offered as well. One & two day Workshops are also available, on demand, to focus on specific weave structures and color & design. Contact Barb for more information at bmacintyre@kitsapweavingschool.com.

NOTE: No refunds after class begins.

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