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Beginning, Intermediate private lessons are available as well as workshops which includes refresher workshops on warping your loom.
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Beginning Weaving Classes

Beginning curriculum content includes lectures, discussions, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples, drafting practice on paper, and (of course) lots of weaving. Students receive hands-on, step by step instruction on a four harness, jack-type table loom. You will learn equipment options, how to warp the loom, weaving calculations, drafting and different weave structures and color affects. Students are taught how to select the proper yarns and fabric types for their projects, and how to calculate and measure the amount of yarn needed. Each student will complete a sampler, utilizing various fibers and basic weaving techniques, with emphasis on understanding basic weaving and finishing techniques.


Intermediate Weaving Classes

Each student is responsible to provide his or her own weaving materials and basic weaving tools. Students are expected to already know basic weaving techniques & terminology.

The Intermediate Weaving Class explores 4 harness color, drafting; designing beyond the basic structures. Curriculum content includes lecture, discussion, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples and drafting. The intermediate class goes into greater depth to give students a thorough background in weave structures, emphasizing unit and block weaves, and includes initial study of multi-shaft overshot, twill variations, Bronson/ Huck lace, and Monks Belt. You will be warping for each weave.

Class Details

Upcoming Workshops

Color & Design:  4 hour Workshop. Focus on exploring Color & Design as it relates to Weaving, use of color & design for purpose & structure. Covers color theory relating to weaving, proportions, structure and controlling color relationship to its environment.  This is a hands-on Workshop which opens you eyes to seeing color differently than you have grown accustom to.

Summer & Winter:  4 hour Workshop includes a hands-on study of the technique of Summer & Winter weave patterns often used for coverlets and table linens.  This is a very dramatic weave with a long history of American colonial application.

Spot Weave, Hucklace, Huck-a-back, Swedish lace:  This is a loom controlled open weave, known by many names.  In this 4 hour Workshop, you will  learn the technique of producing such a fabric along with understanding how to implement the design into finished products.

Twill:  in-depth 4 hour Workshop explores all the amazing variations the wonderful weave of Twill offers.  Includes hands-on workshop, learning and understanding twill structure and how to implement this structure into your own project.  There is no end to the application of this weave once you learn the basics.

Double Weave:  Learn the basics of how to create double weave (meaning 2 layers of fabric woven at one time and connected on one side to produce a single fabric – double the width).  This 4 hour Workshop will explore not only how to weave this structure and understand the logic behind constructing this weave, but for those with more than 4 shaft looms, learn what more you can implement into your weave.