Intermediate Weaving Classes

Intermediate Weaving Classes are offered by private lessons. Handouts included in class fee. Each student is responsible to provide his or her own weaving materials and basic weaving tools. Students are expected to already know basic weaving techniques terminology.

The Intermediate Weaving Class explores 4 harness color, drafting & designing beyond the basic structures. Curriculum content includes lecture, discussion, informative handouts, careful study of woven examples and drafting. The intermediate class goes into greater depth to give students a thorough background in weave structures, emphasizing unit and block weaves, and includes initial study of multi-shaft overshot, twill variations, Bronson/ Huck lace, and Monks Belt. You will be warping for each weave.

Class size is private lessons only; instruction is highly individualized and responsive to the skill level, experience and interests of each student. Bring your own loom to every class. Weaving and looms will be taken home for working between class sessions. Some rental looms may be available for intermediate weavers for an additional $100 per course, but preference in rental looms will be given to beginning weavers.

NOTE: No refunds after the 1st class begins.

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